Darion Mograine and Highlord Bolvar Fordragon have a conversation about the Scourge after the events of the Shadowlands Epilogue. This post contains spoilers.

The Scourge are posing a threat after the Helm of Domination was destroyed. Bolvar and Darion discuss Icecrown Citadel and the Scourge in their conversation. Bolvar wants to return to the Frozen Throne, but Darion tells him «Taelia needs a father», referring to their «Stay a While and Listen» from Zereth Mortis. Taelia was angry at Bolvar that he didn’t tell her he was alive the whole time. Patch 9.2.5 also adds a new dialogue between the two that you will find here.

Below is a full transcript of the conversation between Bolvar and Darion:

Highlord Bolvar Fordragon : Without the Helm of Domination to control them, the Scourge roams leaderless. Nothing remains to temper their aggression.

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Darion Mograine : Indeed. The mightiest among them already vie for supremacy. Like vicious warlords in the wake of their king’s death.

Highlord Bolvar Fordragon : We cannot allow any of them to seize command and unite their forces. The Ebon Blade must remain vigilant.

Darion Mograine : And so we shall. Though Azeroth may never truly be rid of the Scourge, we will keep them in check. You have my word.

Highlord Bolvar Fordragon : Icecrown Citadel remains a seat of dark power. We must not let it fall into enemy hands. Perhaps I should return to—

Darion Mograine : No, Bolvar. Let the Frozen Throne sit vacant. The Knights of the Ebon Blade will safeguard the citadel in your stead. Taelia needs her father.

Highlord Bolvar Fordragon : Darion… thank you. Странный. Это не? We both lived lives of service, and even after facing death itself, we still feel compelled to serve others.

Darion Mograine : Sometimes the greatest act of service is to be present for those who need us. Until we meet again, Highlord.

You can watch the dialogue in LeystTV’s video below.

The Scourge are a recurring theme now that the Shadowlands story is over. In a new Blood Elf questline added in Patch 9.2.5, Lor’themar and Lady Liadrin defend Quel’thalas against a Scourge Invasion. Especially interesting is Lor’themar’s quote:

Lor’themar Theron : I will inform the Ebon Blade of what transpired. If the Scourge caused such problems here, I suspect matters in Northrend may be even worse.

The Regent Lord says he will inform the Ebon Blade (Darion) about what happened in Ghostlands and fears of what’s going on in Northrend.