Pokémon Go has come a long way since it launched with just a couple dozen Pokémon from the original 151. Not only has the roster expanded to include your favorite creatures from almost every generation but the gameplay and systems have also been updated to mimic how they functioned in the core titles. Of course, things will work differently in Pokémon Go, but the main idea of battling, items, evolving, and, of course, walking with your Pokémon is the same.



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  • How Mega Evolutions work
  • How to get Mega Energy in Mega Raids
  • How to get Mega Energy from walking
  • How to earn Mega Energy from Research tasks
  • All Pokémon you can Mega Evolve

One of the most exciting and game-changing elements to be added to Pokémon Go over the years have to be the Mega Evolutions. These were first included in Pokémon X and Y, which allowed some Pokémon to get an additional, more powerful, evolution beyond what we already knew. However, Pokémon Go puts a lot of restrictions and conditions on just how these ultra powerful evolutions work, with the primary one being the introduction of Mega Energy. This new resource is essential to Mega Evolutions, and can only be obtained in specific ways. If you want to see your Pokémon reach their full potential in Pokémon Go, here’s how you can get Mega Energy to unleash their true power.

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How Mega Evolutions work

Mega Evolutions work differently in Pokémon Go than they do in the core games they came from. Just like regular evolution with Candy, you will need Mega Energy that is specific to the Pokémon in question to feed them in order to trigger a Mega Evolution. For example, if you have a Charizard that you want to evolve into a Mega Charizard, you will need Charizard Mega Energy. The initial cost of doing this for the first time is high, but drops substantially for each time you want to Mega Evolve a Pokémon additional times.

One way Mega Evolutions are similar to how they function in the regular games is that they are temporary. For one, you can only Mega Evolve one Pokémon at a time, and the evolution will only last for eight hours, after which it will return to its previous form. You can see how much time the evolution has remaining by checking the map screen. While that is a bummer, the upside is that Mega Evolution is permanently added to your Pokédex.

Finally, Mega Evolved Pokémon can’t be placed to defend gyms or used in Go Battle League.

How to get Mega Energy in Mega Raids

Because Mega Evolutions are temporary in Pokémon Go, you will always need more to power up your favorite Pokémon for those difficult battles. Thankfully, the game offers you three main ways in which you can gather up this precious resource. The first of which is the most difficult, that being to complete a Mega Raid. Mega Raids are a unique type of raid in which you battle a Mega-evolved Pokémon as the boss.

Step 1: Find a Mega Raid spawn at a gym.

Step 2: Alone, or with friends to make it easier, beat the Mega Pokémon at the end of the raid.

Step 3: The faster you and your team are able to beat the Mega Raid, the more Mega Energy you will earn.

How to get Mega Energy from walking

Walking is one of the core gameplay mechanics in Pokémon Go, and if you set it up, you can even earn some Mega Energy just by doing your daily steps. Вот как это работает:

Step 1: Select the Pokémon you want to earn Mega Energy for as your Buddy.

Step 2: Walk with your buddy to earn Candy and Mega Energy as rewards.

Step 3: Note that this only works for Pokémon that currently have Mega Evolutions and you’ve already Mega Evolved that Pokémon once before.

How to earn Mega Energy from Research tasks

Last up, there are some rotating Research tasks that can earn you some easy Mega Energy. These tasks change all the time, especially for when new events launch, so you never know what tasks you might have to do, or if any will even offer Mega Energy.

All Pokémon you can Mega Evolve

Here are all the Pokémon that currently have Mega Evolutions in Pokémon Go :

  • Venusaur

  • Charizard X and Charizard Y

  • Blastoise

  • Beedrill

  • Pidgeot

  • Slowbro

  • Gengar

  • Gyarados

  • Aerodactyl

  • Ampharos

  • Steelix

  • Houndoom

  • Manectric

  • Altaria

HOW TO GET MEGA POKÉMON IN POKÉMON GO! (Mega Raids & Mega Evolution Explained)
* Absol

  • Latios

  • Latias

  • Lopunny

  • Abomasnow